Michael Davey



G’day. I’m Michael Davey, a writer, speaker and landscape photographer. Ex Navy, I also work as a casual school teacher where I teach Mathematics and PEPDH. In 2014, I rode a pushbike around Australia in order to raise funds for the Kids With Cancer Foundation. The 14,000 kilometer journey raised $51,000 for children suffering cancer.  I suffered PTSD for many years and feel compelled to help others who are experiencing this debilitating illness. If that is you, then take heart and start a conversation with a friend, and seek professional help. Learn more about me at www.jmichaeldavey.com.au   www.journeyofcharity.com.au

The support driver is Barbara Davey. Barbara works as a school teacher and passionately believes in the cause. She has supported Michael on his first pushbike ride around Australia in 2014/15 and again last year when Michael rode a postie bike around the country, which included Central Australia, a total distance of 21,000 kilometres. To date, Barbara has travelled 36,000 kilometres and raised more than $100,000 for charity.