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We are  small group of former Australian Defence Force personnel who will be riding Postie Bikes around Australia. Leaving HMAS Albatross on the South Coast of NSW on June 18, 2022, our intrepid riders, David Mace from Adelaide, Joey Kolossa who lives in Ingham and Michael Davey from Nowra, NSW, will be raising funds for Defence personnel and Veterans suffering trauma from their service. Our adventurous support crew are Rhonda Green, Cherre Hawkins and Barbara Davey.

The six of us want to do something about Defence and Veterans Suicide and our postie bike ride around Oz is a means by which we can raise awareness and funds for those in need, and destigmatise depression and anxiety. We want to inspire and encourage people who find themselves in a dark place to start a conversation with a friend, and seek professional help.

This website was built with the help of our major sponsor Justin Showell and the crew at ShowellTech. Contact them on 02 4488 4800.

Our Mission

The aim of our odyssey around OZ is to raise $100,000 for Veterans in need. We will ride every kilometre as we strive to destimagtise mental health issues in the Veteran Community and inspire sufferes to seek professional help. Every cent that we collect on our trek will be donated to Veterans in desperate need.

Become a Sponsor. Get Involved.

To become a sponsor, please contact us vis the Contact page. It would be amazing having you involved.