Hi there!

My name is Michael Davey. Leaving July 1, I will ride a pushbike around Australia to raise funds for suicide prevention. 

Follow the ride on our public Facebook group, apostieride4ptsd | Facebook or click on the link below. I am on Instagram, too, so click that one below if you wish.

To follow my GPS tracker and see where I am at any given moment, visit Journey of Charity 2023 – MAProgress

To make a tax-deductible donation to such a worthwhile cause, click on the donate now tab, top right. Your help is much appreciated.

If you want to follow the ride and see photos and videos, please visit the public Facebook group, apostieride4ptsd or on instagram, postie_bike_rider (or click on the icons below).

Please note: I am riding a pushbike. I rode a postie bike last year and we raised $56,000. In view of this, I have kept the term ‘postie bike’ on my website, on social media and in links.   🙂

Photo right is in 2014 when I rode a pushbike around Australia for children suffering cancer, raising $51,000. On this particular day I rode 300 kms. This image is taken on the Eyre Highway just east of the Balladonia Roadhouse.